Annual Indoor Winter 300 League

Sign up for the league in December. League usually starts around the 2nd week of January.

Do I need to be an expert archer to shoot in the league? Absolutely not.
This league is 80% handicap based to allow shooters of all abilities the chance to win. This is a fun time for all and a great way to stay in practice before the 3D's start. What a better way to stay accurate. We have a lot of really good shooters that are more than happy to provide shooting tips and instruction.

Indoor 300 Teams
We run 4 person teams. You do not need a team to shoot this league. You can bring a 4 person team or we can put you on a team. If you do not have a team, we will put you one one. It's a great chance to meet new people and everyone has a great time.

What nights do we shoot and how many weeks?
You can shoot any time we are open. There is no set league night. A lot of teams will come on the same night. However, we have a lot of 2nd and 3rd shifters that shoot during the day as well. You can shoot any day of the week from Monday through Saturday. The league is 13 weeks.

What about children
Children are welcome and we normally do have a few shooting league with us. Young children will shoot 10 yards. The only requirement is that they have the strength to shoot 60 arrows to complete a round.

End of league Party
When the league is finished, we schedule a league party. We give out trophies, give away door prizes, gift certificates and have shooting games in the range. Food and drink are also provided.

League Scores on the website?
We will do our best to keep the website scores updated. However, keeping everyone current with their scores is extremely important. We allow a one week grace period, after that and absent score will be posted. This is your average minus 10 points.

Outdoor Leagues and shoots
See us for information on outoor leagues and events in the summer.

Need more information, Call us at 815-877-1212.