Archery Classes

The Archery Academy Class at Obsession Archery is a first for the Rockford, Illinois area. We offer archery classes for everyone from beginners all the way up to national tournament level competitors.

If you want to try archery but do not know someone with the gear and time to teach you, we can help you with that. The popularity of archery in the movies as well as being the most viewed event of the Olympics has created a renewed interest in the sport.

You will not need to bring any equipment for our intro classes. We will supply everything. If you have your own gear, you can use your bow during the class. We will teach you about the equipment and proper shooting form.

Unlike school programs, scouts or 4H programs, the equipment you will learn on is high-end equipment. The bows we use are just like adult equipment except slightly smaller and lighter weight. We want to give you a full experience on modern equipment.

You don’t need to be an exceptional athlete to be good at archery. This sport is mostly mental discipline and consistency. Boys and girls are equal in this sport and the funny thing is the girls generally learn quicker than the boys. Our lessons are not just for the kids. If parents want to join in, it is a good bonding experience with your child.

Due to Covid-19, we do not know when the State will allow us to have classes again. Visit our website or facebook page for updates.