Beginners Archery Equipment
How to get started

Beginner equipment typically will come as a package with almost everything you will need to get started. However, there is a lot to figure out before we can get to the bow package that is right for you.

Remember, bows are not one size fits all. We have numerous people come in with a bow they purchased at a garage sale. We then provide the bad news that it will not fit you. Do not buy used bow before you talk to us. If you buy size 16 shoes, don't expect to win any races. Bows are the same way.

We have a whole process to getting you into the right gear at the right price range that will suit your shooting needs. To start, we must first asses if you will shoot right or left handed based on handed-ness and eye dominance.  Then we move on to draw weight, fitting and proper application. The final phase is teaching you how to safely shoot your new gear.

Pitfalls to buying used equipment


A bow package for children is different then it is for adults. For children, we have to account for growth.

We all know kids grow and nobody wants to have to buy them a new bow because someone had a growth spurt.

Our bow packages for the children grow with them. We need to be able to adjust the weight and length on the equipment. As they grow, we make minor adjustments to the equipment to maintain the fit and performance.


Adults can also shoot the "youth" gear in a lot of cases. Most adults generally don't need the wide range of adjustable weight or adjustable length. However, it is very common for women to shoot youth equipment because of the lower draw weights.

Most adults are done growing. Unlike children, once we have the length of draw set correctly, it generally does not change for the shooter.

Again, the fit of the equipment and the appropriate draw weight is very important for the shooter.

This is why you come to us so we can give you the proper guidance and instruction.


Choosing the right bow for your application is also an important consideration when making your purchase.

Some archers are only interested in target shooting and might want a fancy bow with a specific color.  Maybe they want to shoot only indoor target or maybe both indoors and outdoor.

Some archers want to hunt and have a specific need they are trying to address for a big game hunt.

Some archers want a bow that can do all of the above.

We will help you choose the right bow for your needs.