QAD Ultra Rest HDX RH Black

QAD Ultra Rest HDX RH Black
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QAD has upgraded the HD series rest with the new HDX. This new rest offers a cleaned up design. The QAD HDx offers the same features as the Ultra Rest Pro HD. QAD has finally answered the question of how to have a full capture rest and still have the superior shooting and tuning of a drop away arrow rest. The QAD Ultra Rest HD offers the best of both worlds.

How many times have you drawn on a deer and had to let down. With other drop away rests, the rest will fall as you let down. As you well know, this can be a noisy venture. The QAD keeps your arrow held even on a let down. This rest knows if you let down or if you shoot. So it will drop when shot.<br><br>
QAD Ultra Rest HDx Features:
Easy to Tune Drop-Away Rest
Cord Length Adjusted with a Push of the Thumb
Ensures Arrow Stays Fully Captured Throughout the Shot Cycle
Eliminates Fletching Contact
Will Work on Most Bows
HD Model Incorporates Harmonic Dampening to Lessen Vibration & Noise

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