Bow Repairs

Bring your bow repairs to Obsession Archery

Our philosophy is simple, provide the best customer service possible. We don't care if your bow is brand new or twenty years old. We will do our best to make your equipment shoot as good as it possibly can.

Each new bow purchased from us is checked to make sure they are perfect from the factory. The bows coming off the factory assembly lines are close to perfect. That might be fine for most shops. However, that is not good enough at Obsession Archery. Every new bow is tuned and tweaked to perfection. It's either perfect or it's not. When it leaves our shop, you know it's right.

We have customers drive 2+ hours to have us work on their equipment. They know when they leave their bow will be setup to shoot at it's peak performance. We have customers come from Chicago, Rock Falls, Milwaukee and even as far as Iowa to buy new bows and have their maintenance work done by Obsession Archery.

Trained Personnel
Graduates of the following
Bowtech University Dealer School
Dave Cousins Shooter School (Too Many National Championships to list)
Bernie Pellerite Shooter School (NFAA Instructor, Coach and Writer)
Terry Wunderle Shooter School (National & Olympic Coach)

Repairs, new strings, etc?
Come see us to replace your old string & cables. This is the most neglected item on a bow and crossbows. Your string is good for approximately 3000 shots. For most people that is 2-3 years worth of shooting. If you shoot 3D, tournaments or leagues, you will need to change your string set more often.

If your string is 5 years old, we guarantee your bow will not make peak weight and your cam rotation/cam sync will be off. Even single cam bows have timing, regardless of what the magazine advertising tells you.

If you want your bow work done right, bring it to us. You'll be happy you did.