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New from Carter is an amazing new release that is just Too Simple. Based on the hugely successful Simple 1 release, the new Too Simple now features Carter Enterprises unique double sear trigger system which makes for the finest trigger travel adjustment on the market. A new set-screw tension adjustment allows for a super micro adjustable trigger tension by simply turning a screw.

In addition, a newly improved, self-closing jaw allows for a cleaner release and trouble free loading onto a D-loop with just one push of a button. Like the Simple 1 the new Too Simple has an extremely comfortable handle, auto locking jaw with an ultra short head to help increase speed. 

We've had a lot of customers go to this release to shoot targets with and also to hunt with. They have stated that this model is quieter than some of the typical handheld releases that they are used to shooting. The head is also a bit shorter than many of the carter releases. So you may have lengthen your loop slightly or adjust your draw by half an inch if you want to maintain your existing anchor point. If you are new to the handheld style release than none of this matters since it will be all new to you anyway.  If you're not sure what to get, please feel free to email or call us.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
After years of hunting with a Chocolate Lite, this is my new go-to release. The head is a bit shorter so I had to make my loop a bit longer to make up the difference. However, the trigger is much nicer. Is crisper a word? Great release with a great ergonomic feel.

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